A complete line of Rust Check products and services with a
" Guaranteed Forever" LIFETIME WARRANTY"on Rust Check Rust Inhibitor
Paint and Interior Protections have Limited Warranties **

Get your car rustproofed with a lifetime warranty for as low as $179!

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Why Use Rust Check Rust Proofing Services??

•  “Guaranteed Forever” Warranty – with yearly reapplications
•  Warranty IS transferrable to next owner
•  Does not seal or block vital drain holes
•  Penetrates into the metal
•  Completely reapplied every year – not just inspected and/or “touched up”
•  Displaces moisture, salt, and humidity
•  Penetrates & lubricates all moving parts
•  Bonds to all surfaces for lasting protection
•  Does not void factory warranty


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Rust Check's Warranty "Guaranteed Forever"

What does "Gauranteed Forever" mean?
Quite simply, that all new and qualified** used vehicles, treated on an annual basis, are guaranteed forever against inner panel rust perforation or we repair it free of charge. There's no limitation on age, mileage or transfer of ownership.
Rust Check is committed to helping maintain your vehicle's appearance, structural integrity and resale value.
Make an appointment today to get your vehicle protected from this winter's salt and damaging moisture.

** Qualified vehicles are vehicles that are within 3 years of the manufacture date and 36,000 miles. The warranty is not extendable to vehicles outside of these conditions.


Nu-Glo Fabric Warranty

Applies only to new vehicles purchased less than six (6) months prior to the application of Nu-Glo Fabric Guard and to used vehicles not more than three (3) model years old that have qualified and been accepted by Rust Check for this Nu-Glo Fabric Guard Warranty.
It becomes effective on the date of original application and remain in effect for a period of three (3) years thereafter. In the event of an interior shampoo, Nu-Glo Fabric Guard must be reapplied by your Rust Check Center within a period of 72 hours in order to maintain your Nu-Glo Fabric Guard Warranty.
Rust Check hereby warrants to the original owner of this vehicle that any fabric treated with Nu-Glo Fabric Guard will not become permanently stained as a result of normal spills of beverages and food.
The liability does not apply to damange caused by acid, dyes, ink, bleaches and other corrosive materials nor defective or torn material , burns, vandalism and neglect or misuse of interior by owner.
The liability is for your vehicle and shall be limited to repairing and/or reapplication of Nu-Glo Fabric Guard to the fabric.

Nu-Glo Paint Sealant Warranty

Applies only to new vehicles purchased less than six (6) months prior to the application of Nu-Glo Paint Sealant and to used vehicles not more than three (3) model years old that have qualified and been accepted by Rust Check for this Nu-Glo Paint Sealant Warranty.
Rust Check warrants to the original owner of this vehcile that the factory painted surfaces treated with Nu-Glo Paint Sealant will remain free of damage caused by fading, chalking or loss of gloss resulting from exposure to the sun and normal environmental elements for a period of five (5) years form original application of Nu-Glo Paint Sealant.
This warranty will be vaild only if the vehicle is returned to an authorized Rust Check dealer for inspection and rejuvenation of Nu-Glo Paint Sealant on an annual basis, but not later than thirteen (13) months after previous application.
The liability of this warranty for your vehicle applies only to the painted surfaces and does not apply to rubber, vinyl, plastic, glass or other unpainted or chrome areas. Damage or defects caused by stone abrasion, chipping, peeling or flaking and damage caused by chemical fallout, are excluded under this warranty. Rust Check retains the right to determine the repair facility of its choice.
In the event of an accident Nu-Glo must be reapplied to the repaired section within forty five (45) days of the body shop completing repairs.
It is the customer's responsibility to maintain records of the annual inspection along with the original warranty certificate document.